Monday, June 24, 2013

Just a quick update.  Life has been crazy with a new job and a new house.  It's been hard to find time to work on cars.  

The GT6 is running (roughly) and I've had it out around the block a few times.  One of the weak spots on the car are the lug bolts.  They have fine threads which tend to strip easily and they're pretty small compared to today's cars.  I took a trip to my local auto parts store and asked if I could go in the back and browse through their lug bolts to see if I could find a suitable match.  I finally was able to find a bolt that was super close but thicker in the threaded section.  I believe it matches the part number for Ford Focus bolts.  Below you can see the difference.

I then put the rear trim on around the tail lights and license plate area.

This all happened at ALE's shop.  Then in March we bought a house in Bountiful and moved the car up to our garage.  Sure does make it look like a small car.

For father's day I told dad I'd put a new exhaust on his car.  So I went up and brought his car home.  Luckily our new house has access to the back yard with a perfect spot for Triumphs.

Grandpa gave me a call this week and said he was wrapping up the final touches on the dash too.  So I went and picked that up.  Now we need to find a stain that will match the new steering wheel and get this installed!  

The top is the old dash.  You can see it's all cracked and faded.  As soon as the new dash is stained I can install it and get all the electrical hooked up.  Make sure all the lights work, all the gauges work, and finish up the interior and get it running right.  

Almost there!

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