Monday, May 3, 2010

Engine in Pieces

So I picked up another piece of the car today.  I got the engine back!  It's all there, but it's all in pieces.  It's a good thing I like LEGOS because this is going to be the mother of all lego builds.  I just need to find some good instructions.
Here's what the engine looked like when it came out of the car.  The blue you see is not factory Triumph engine paint.  So that tells us that this engine has been out of the car before and has been painted before.  
Another picture of what it used to look like.
Here's what it looks like now.  No paint.  No grease.  It's been sitting for a while so you can see a little surface rust.  That's no big deal, it will clean right up.
Here you can see the oil pan on the left, the block in the middle and the end tin pieces below the screwdrivers.  The box on the right has the valves and springs in it.  It's going to be fun to work on it while it's all clean.
Here's the refinished cam shaft.

Here's the refinished crank shaft.  All nice and pretty.
A shot of all the pieces.
Here's what the head used to look like.
Here's the manifold side of the head.
Now it's all nice and spic and span.
Head on the bottom and crank shaft standing up.
And of course, a box full of the rest of the stuff.  Here you see the rockers, pistons, bearings, oil pump, timing chain and sprocket, nuts and bolts, and everything else. 

So I think there's going to be a little bit more machine work that we're going to need, but other than that, just a little bit of clean up and we can start putting it back together.  Going to be fun!