Saturday, May 7, 2011

We Drove a GT6!

There was a 1972 GT6+ (Mk II) for sale an hour from our place so I thought it would be fun to go take a look at it and see what it was like.  From the pictures on the internet it looked like the same color as dad's old car so I also wanted to take a look at the color to see if it looks good.  The ad said it had a bad transmission but it was driveable.  So we went up to take a look.  

Honestly, a little disappointing.  Even though it runs and we were able to drive it, it would take almost as much work as the car I have now to get it in good shape.  The interior was bad, the brakes were horrible, there were dents and dings and when I looked in the trunk I saw rust spots through the floor.  He was asking $3500 for it ad that was WAY too much.  So it gives me confidence that what I'm going to have when I'm done is going to be one sweet ride.  Plus it was so much fun to hop in and go for a ride.  It's going to be fun.