Sunday, June 10, 2012

Body Back on the Frame!

Here's what's going on with the GT6.  I got it back from the painter last month but had another car in my garage so I couldn't work on it.  But happy to say mom and dad made it home nice and safe with dad's TR6 and are driving it all around Utah now.  So, on to the other car.

Here's what it looked like...

Here's a picture of the finished body...

I asked the painter to put an undercoating on the bottom of the car to protect it and help with noise.  He didn't do a very good job so I bought a few cans of spray on undercoating and put some on myself.  So you get a great view of what the bottom of the car looks like.

Bry was already painting cabinets in his garage so it was nice a clear and ready for more painting.

We tipped it up on its side and sprayed away.

While it was drying I took a few body parts back to my garage and got to work.  My neighbor helped me push the body into the garage and got it up on jack stands.  I can't begin to tell you how excited I was at this point.  The fron pieces went on without a hitch.  

Even the front bumper and front turn signals.  Piece of cake.

Here's another view.  

Then, a few days later after some dry time and another helping hand from Bry and my neighbor Ken the body went on without a hitch.  Well, kind of.  When we were taking the car out of Bry's garage we bumped it against the ceiling and scratched the roof of the new paint job.  Bummer.

So, here's what it looks like and stuff.  

The lockers in the background are out of the Seattle Temple.  So, I guess you could call the color of my car "Temple Locker Yellow".  Not bad huh?

So, on to putting stuff on the body.  First the gas tank.  A nice new paint job on the tank and in it goes.  Pretty!

Here's a view of the cab area with the transmission showing through.  Everything at this point is still going pretty sweet.

The rear bumper and side marker lights went on piece of cake too.  This is too easy.  As I've been putting stuff on, I've been referencing the parts car I bought a long time ago to make sure I'm doing it right.  Here and there I've also been taking pieces off and either throwing them in the garbage because they're unusable, putting them on the car, or saving them for later.  Which makes Lindsay happy because that parts car is slowly going away.

Then, disaster.  It was time to start putting the wiring back in the car.  I went to the shed and got the box of wires out.  The wiring harness is in two pieces, the front and back.  The front wires go to the engine bay and dash.  The back wires go feed the rear lights and stuff.  I wanted to put the rear wires in first and pulled out the harness.  Below is what I found.  

I keep finding things about this car that just makes me wonder how it was ever driven in Hinckley.  The wiring harness had melted right through and bare wires were sticking out.  Some of the wires had fused together.  It was a mess.  Then I turned my attention to the front harness.  Below is what I saw.

More melted wires.  This part was just a melted glob of goo.  More bare wires, some barely hanging on.  I don't remember seeing this when I put them away.  I looked in my catalogs and found a new complete wiring harness would be right around $500!  Oh boy.  So once again I turn my attention to the parts car.  

It saved me!  It has a fantastic (but dirty) wiring harness.  Both front and back look great and all the connections are in good shape.  Here we go!  Anybody guess where all those wires go?  I may need your help!