Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So this is just going to be a quick update because not much has happened since the last post.  We took the engine to a local shop and had it cleaned and a little machine work done, but more is still needed, so we're waiting on that to put the engine back together.  The real update is we got the frame back from the powder coater!  It looks awesome!  I'm so excited to start putting the suspension and drive train back on the frame.  

This is my "let's get the frame off the trailer" look.  I think it needs some work.

The new powder coated frame!  Looks awesome.

There's this thing in Washington called "rain."  It tends to get a lot of things wet.  

Here's a few of the motor mounts and suspension pieces we had powder coated as well.  I like it.

Now ALL this stuff (except the stove, but it would be cool to have a stove in the car) goes back on the awesome looking frame.  Do you think it will fit?  Do you think Bry remembers how it all goes back on?  I sure hope so!