Sunday, April 8, 2012

GT6 Progress! Finally!

Ok, I've got some exciting news......I got my GT6 back from the painters on Saturday!  Hooray!  Below are pictures of dad and his car he had in college.  Look closely at the color and let me know what you think of the color of my car below.

It looks so cool in the sunlight.  

Right now this is how it's stored until I can free up some room.  I can't wait to get working on it again!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lots of TR6 Pictures

It's been a long time since I've updated all of you on dad's car so here we go.  A lot has happened since the last post so there are lots of pictures to post.  I've been driving it around to see what's working and what still needs to be fixed and it's been a blast.  I just realized that the last time I posted I had just finished the interior. Man, a lot has happened!

 I have installed the grill and front spoiler.  The front end really looks good now.

We've had a few nice days that I've been able to take advantage of.  Cruising around with the top down is certainly NO fun.  Dad, you should not try this, it will get addicting.

Speaking of tops, I was able to finish the soft top.  Above is the frame.  I'm making adjustments and fitting the webbing that runs from back to front to give it some support.

Here's the side view of the convertible frame.

And a back view.  You can see the webbing better this way.  If you look close you can also see the actual top laying backwards over the trunk and gas cap.

Here's the top draped loosely over the frame.

It was a little cold when I installed the top so I've got Bry's kerosene heater sitting on the luggage rack to warm up the vinyl and allow me to stretch it over the frame.

Another view.

Here it is fully mounted and in place.  Makes the car look totally different with the top up.

Top down.

I learned a few tricks from dad.  If you're paying attention you'll notice there's a Utah license plate on the back.  It's off Lindsay's Nissan.  I conveniently placed the magnetic strip across the month and year so nobody will notice the registration date was in 2006!

The steering on the car was a little off.  There was a LOT of play in the steering wheel.  When Roger came up I pointed it out to him.  The steering rack would move in its mountings up to an inch before the wheels would actually turn.  This was about a quarter turn of the steering wheel.  So in the picture above you can see the new solid aluminum mounts I put on the steering rack just to the right of the red fan.  Now it handles like AWESOME!

Put the new tires and chrome rings on.

Looking good!

Mounted the license plate so I don't have to use magnets anymore.

Close up of the rear window and the interior.

Dashboard and instrument cluster.

I installed a battery cut-off switch.  The black knob on the negative side of the battery allows me to disconnect the battery to keep it charged and also as a theft deterrent.  

When it's disconnected the car won't start and if you're not going to be driving it for a while it will keep your battery charged.  These older cars are notorious for having small little shorts that drain your battery over time.

Installed a "spin on" oil filter adapter.  This allows the use of modern oil filters.  The stock engine used something like a vacuum filter.  You would have to remove the cover and pull out the paper filter.  It's kinda messy and sometimes you can't find a replacement filter very easily.  My local auto parts stores had a hard time trying to figure out what I needed.  Now it's no problem. 

So there you go.  A nice little update.  I know Dad's getting excited at the prospect of driving it home this summer.  Maybe he'll be taking all his grandkids on rides this summer!