Wednesday, October 12, 2011

TR6 Progress

Work continues on the TR6.  When I last posted I had the sound and heat insulation down on the entire floor and was ready to start carpeting.  As you can see below I've got the center console in and the carpet over the transmission tunnel.  That center console piece that fits over the transmission tunnel and has the gear shifter sticking up out if it was harder to install than the rear bumper.  It's an odd shaped piece that wouldn't fit where it needed to be because of the added bulk of the new carpet, insulation pad, and sound insulation.  I had to buy a 3' threaded rod, cut it into 4 pieces, thread those pieces through the mounting holes in the console piece and into the floor.  Then  I had to slowly thread nuts onto those long threaded rods to slowly and evenly force the console piece down over the new carpet and pads and into place.  It was a long and frustrating job.  But it's in now and hopefully doesn't have to come back out.
 When I left Heber with the car I didn't realize I didn't have any gauges.  When it came time to put the dash together I was worried because buying new gauges would have been expensive.  I called mom and dad and had them scour the shed to see if they could find the gauges.  Luckily they did.  And here they are in the new dash!
The new dash is a solid piece of wood and is going to look great installed. 
 While waiting for some interior pieces I got to work on some of the exterior jobs that needed to be completed.  I installed the luggage rack and tail lights.

 Then installed the dash.  The electrical wasn't as bad as I thought.  I was able to download a color wiring schematic from the internet, and to make sure it was durable and would last for the rest of the project, I had Lindsay go out and laminate it for me.  There's still a lot of wiring to be done.
But it's looking pretty good. 

When I got the car home, one of the first things I did was check the engine to see what it needed.  There are certain systems that need to function properly to get a car to run.  I ran through that list in my head and discovered that there was a missing fuel line, there was no coolant in the system, the clutch wasn't installed, and there was no battery.  So one day while again waiting for parts to arrive, I started to fix a few of the things on the engine.  I installed the clutch and bled the system, bought a battery and connected the electrical system, bought antifreeze and tightened up the cooling system, bought and installed a new fuel line to complete the fuel system, and filled it with oil.  Then I realized there wasn't anything stopping me from trying to start the car, so I did.  And wouldn't you know it, it practically started right up!  I was so excited.  
 The only problem is while it was running there was fuel spitting EVERYWHERE!  The fuel pump was leaking, 3 fuel hoses were cracked and leaking, and both carbs had leaks in them.  So all that has to be fixed now.  But I know it runs.
 A huge box of interior parts arrived on Monday!  I now have everything I need to finish up the interior!  Stay tuned.