Monday, November 26, 2012

I know all my loyal fans out there have been itching to get an update on the GT6.  I know I haven't posted since June, but work has been done.  

We moved from Washington to Utah in July so it's been pretty crazy.  And just in case you were wondering, yes, it is hard to move a car that is in pieces and those pieces are strewn all over the place.  And it's even harder to pick back up where you left off after you get moved.  So it's been a little slow since we've been in Utah, but it's getting better.  

My father-in-law works for a company that owns a large warehouse that is empty for months at a time.  They have graciously allowed me to use their space and tools while it's empty.  Here's a few pictures of the car in the new space.  It's a fantastic space to work in.  
I brought the car down from Heber City where it was stored in Dad's shed for a few months and brought it here.  That's his trailer in the picture. 
You can see the size of the warehouse.  It makes my car look even smaller.  
 Dad's truck, trailer, and my car fit end to end inside the warehouse.
 For convenience, we lifted the car up with a fork lift and placed it on dollys.  Now I can move the car anywhere in the warehouse to get it out of the way if needed.
 One of the first tasks completed while here was the exhaust.  
 Twin tip mufflers.  I think they look great.  Hopefully they sound just as good.
 Again you can see the large space I get to work in.
 My carpet kit arrived during the move as well.  So here are all the pieces.  I set them on the floor so I could make sure they're all there and in the right spot.
 It's going to be fun to puzzle piece them together inside the car.
I started working on the doors.  I kept one of the doors off the parts car for a guide and reference.  I'm sure glad I did.  It came in handy.  The rest of the parts car went to scrap.
 Windows are in.  All mechanisms are in place and working.  
 And here is the passenger door hanging on the car.  Making progress!
 Although it is sweet, I removed the purple tint off the window.  It just didn't go with the car.  Plus it is probably 30 years old.  
 Starting to look like a car now that the doors are on.
And here's the driver's door. 
 The tint didn't come off too clean.  You can see the residue in the glare on the window.
 I put the rear hinges on for the rear hatch.  I'm going to wait until I have the glass in the frame to put the hatch on.  I've got the seals and rubber pieces on order.
 Started placing carpet.  
 Here's what behind the seats will look like.  The carpet looks good.  Needs a good vacuuming, but the whole car will need a good cleaning once I'm done.
 New speedometer cable and tachometer cable.
 I'm making a new dash.  We'll see how it turns out.
 We bought some vinyl and I've started recovering some of the vinyl pieces.  This is the "U" shaped piece that goes over the transmission tunnel behind the stick shift.
 Here it is in place.  And while we're at it, you can see the carpet in place.  There is a gap between the transmission tunnel and the floor.  I'm trying to get in touch with the carpet manufacturer to see if it's the wrong piece or I did something wrong.
 Here you can see the seat rails in place.  I think these Miata seats are going to go in nicely.
 Another shot of the interior carpet.
 A shot of the driver's side.  Hopefully I'll be able to work something out to cover that gap.
 So the last thing I did before the Thanksgiving holiday was to install the fuel line.  You can see the copper line running from under the car into the fuel pump.

So there you go, there's your update.  I'm anxious to get back to get the seats set and the door seals in place.  I'll keep you posted.